Traveling with kids soon? Perfect! We gathered 13 tips that will help you when you travel! When you think about traveling with young kids, you probably think about how stressful it would be… Think again… After reading this list, you will be ready to take your kids on your next traveling adventure!

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  1. Take easy-to-eat snack foods with you, such as cereal, fruit slices, bags of snacks and juice boxes.
  2. Make sure you charge your electronics the night before, so your tablets will be fully charged.
  3. Take your time while packing and before you’re getting ready to leave. You don’t want to forget to pack anything important.
  4. Always take a cleanup kit that consists of plastic trash bags, paper towels and a travel pack of disposable wet wipes.
  5. Be sure to pack your kids favorite stuff animals with you, so they feel comfortable at all times.
  6. Check the weather for the place your visiting a few days before you’re traveling. This will help determine what exactly you need to pack for your trip.
  7. Don’t forget the medicine… Especially younger toddlers. It’s always cheaper and easier to already have medicine then have to purchase it on the go.
  8. Keep the kids busy. The busier they are, the more tired they will be… This means they will fall asleep faster at night.
  9. Pack children’s shoes inside adult shoes to save space.
  10. When taking long car trips with young children, go to bed early the night before and start out your drive around 3 am. This ensures your kids will sleep through a big portion of your drive.
  11. If you’re traveling by plane and have a child under the age of 2, take a child restraint seat. Be sure to board early, giving yourself time to be situated.
  12. Encourage them to keep a travel journal. This way, they work on their writing and it forces them to not be on their tablets the whole time.
  13. When looking for flights, fly as early as possible… Look for non-stop flights. This will help cut back on the weather delays and layovers.

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