Welcome to the most magical place on earth. Walt Disney World has been amazing millions of guests for over forty years now! Here are 21 amazing facts about Walt Disney World that you do not want to miss!

The Magic of Disney World

DYK: The Magic Kingdom Has A Basement?

The park is actually built on the second floor! Below all of your favorite rides, food stands, and character meet and greets are the employee areas and tunnels. This is why you never see a Space Mountain employee walking through Adventureland.


What Does Epcot Stand For?

Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. During the concept period of this park, it was meant to be a living and working community where people could live! Talk about awesome!


It Would Take 82 Years To Stay In Every Hotel Room At Walt Disney World!

With over twenty-five resorts, there are over 30,000 separate hotel rooms to choose from!


Room For Growth…

Walt Disney World is so big that there is enough room for a few more parks & dozens of new resorts!


Cinderella’s Caste Is Pretty Massive!

It took over 18 months to construct and when completed the castle reached a height of 189 feet tall!

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Ever Been To San Francisco Or Manhattan NY?

If so, the whole Walt Disney World complex is the size of San Francisco or two Manhattans put together!


Walt Disney World Is The Largest Single-Site Employer In The US!

You never hear co-workers call each other team members. This is because when you work at Disney, you’re called cast members.



The Haunted Mansion Is Really Haunted…

So after all these years, you’re telling me that there are more than 999 ghosts inside this creepy old mansion? Yes! The popular Pirates of the Caribbean attraction also home to a ghost. Happy haunting!


Love Turkey Legs?

Walt Disney World sells over 2 million pounds of them every year!


That’s A Big Stump!

When you enter Animal Kingdom, you will be greeted by the Tree of Life. This massive tree stands 140 feet tall in the sky and is over 50 feet wide!

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Time To Eat…

Over 1,000 animals call Animal Kingdom home. That’s a lot of water and food! What animal is your favorite at the park?


Largest Safari Outside of Africa!

The Kilimanjaro Safari spreads across 110 acres! That’s the size of most theme parks! In fact, the Magic Kingdom sits on 107 acres!



Can We Borrow $3.50?

Opening day at the Magic Kingdom only cost $3.50! Now the price to get in the park is around $110! Huge difference!


Disney’s Hollywood Studios Opened On May 1st, 1989!

The park sits on 135 acres and is growing in size with the brand new Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land opening in the next few years!


The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Is The Tallest Attraction At Walt Disney World!

The tower features the thirteen-story drop but the actual tower itself stands at a height of 199 feet tall!


Love Sharks?

The Shark Reef at Typhoon Lagoon is a unique 362,000-gallon salt-water coral reef! Park guests can snorkel and explore this reef while visiting the park!



Epcot Is 3x Larger Than The Magic Kingdom!

The park, which features Future World and the World Showcase, is over 300 acres! You can fit three Magic Kingdom parks inside of Epcot and still have some wiggle room!


Spaceship Earth Weighs Over 16 Million Pounds!

Inside the giant “golf ball” is a must see ride that will take you on a slow journey that tells the history of communication!


Looking To Get Some Exercise?

While at Epcot, if you walk around the entire World Showcase Lagoon, from Mexico to Canada, you’ve covered over one mile!


Test Track Is Really Fast!

Test Track is the fastest and longest ride at Walt Disney World! The circuit is 4,286 feet long and the cars travel at 65 miles per hour!


Disney’s Largest Mountain…

Expedition Everest is the largest mountain at Walt Disney World! How tall is it? It’s just less than 200 feet tall!

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