Florida is so unique in so many ways… whether you visit Florida or live here, you will enjoy these 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Florida!


1 – The Everglades National Park is the only place where alligators and crocodiles coexist!

2 – Florida’s St. Johns River is the slowest moving river in the United States!

3 – Swanee River is Florida’s official state song. It was written by Stephen Foster. Funny Fact: He never visited Florida or the Swanee River!

4 – On January 1st, 1914, Pilot Tony Jannus flew the first scheduled passengerĀ airline! The flight was from St. Petersburg to Tampa! (Talk about a short trip)

5 – The state of Florida covers over 58,000 square miles!

6 – Florida is not the most southernmost state in the United States. Hawaii actually is! However, Key West is the most southern point of the Continental United States!

7 – Key West has the highest average temperature in the US.

8 – Lake DeFuniak located in DeFuniak Springs Florida is one of two naturally rounded lakes in the world!

9 – There are more than 700 campgrounds with over 100,000 campsites! Plenty of spots for the 6 million people who camp in Florida each year!

10 – Florida has over 375,000 hotel rooms!


11 – With more than 1,250 different golf courses, Florida has more courses than any other state!

12 – The Florida coast has over 1,800 miles of coastline! In which, 663 of the miles are Florida’s sandy beaches!

13 – 1,000 a day on average, move to Florida! 20 Reasons To Move To Florida

14 – In 1513, Juan Ponce De Leon discovered Florida! He landed in a Northeast Florida town you’ve probably have heard of before… St. Augustine.

15 – Britton Hill is the highest point of Florida and is located along the Florida Panhandle.

16 – Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountian Railroad, and Splash Mountain are the only mountains in Florida!

17 – Distance from Pensacola to Key West: 832 miles = 12-hour drive.

18 – Florida State Tax: 6% | Corporate Tax 5.5% | State Income Tax 0%!

19 – Orange Blossom is the State Flower.

20 – Tallahassee is the State Capital of Florida.

21 – The Kennedy Space Center spreads across 219 square miles on Merritt Island.

22 – Florida has 67 different counties!

23 – Florida has more toll roadsĀ and bridges than any other state!

24 – In 1851, John Gorrie built the world’s first refrigerator!

25 – You won’t find any dinosaur bones in Florida. Why? Back during the dinosaur days, the Florida peninsula was underwater!

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