What a crazy last few days! SeaWorld announces the 200ft. Mako and then Universal announces their new water park Volcano Bay! 

The project that we are most intrigued about is the new ride that will open in 2016 at Busch Gardens Tampa! The new family spinning coaster will be called Cobra’s Curse! This new coaster will literally have something for everyone! During the 2,100ft. of track you will encounter a vertical lift, a spinning section and you will even go backwards through part of the ride.

Cobra’s Curse will be located in the Egypt section of the park and will sit next to it’s older and bigger brother – Montu! The ride will feature America’s first vertical lift! 

The new coaster will fit in perfectly with the parks other signature rides like Cheetah Hunt, Sheikra, Kumba, Montu and Falcon’s Fury! 

Best part about the ride, is the height requirement! Just 42″ inches! 



Cobra’s Curse Fact Sheet:

Height: 70 Feet

Length: 2,100+ feet of track

Speed: 40+ MPH

Ride Vehicles: 8 trains operating at one time, 8 riders per train.

Capacity: 1,000+ PPH

Ride Length: 3 1/2 minutes

Height Restriction: 42″

Be sure to watch this awesome teaser video!