While in the planning stages of your dream Disney vacation, you are probably thinking about having your kids meet their favorite princess or character… riding Space Mountain… watching fireworks… and eating some amazing food… Right?

We all have one thing in common when we are planning our trip to Disney – and that’s, we want memories that will last a lifetime!

You won’t make as many memories standing in 2-3 hour long lines would you?

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So, today our post is a recipe for the dream Disney Vacation.

The question we get asked about the most is: “When should we plan our Disney vacation? Depending on your planning – it could make your trip 10x times better – so it’s very important to know when to go.

We recommend visiting Walt Disney World in January, February, May, September or November. These are the slowest months as far as the crowds go. If you have kids – we highly suggest taking them out of school. Trust us. The lines are not nearly as long as they are during the busy months.

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We also encourage you not to plan your vacation between Christmas and New Years. In Orlando, this is known as “hell week” simply because of the crowds. Soarin’, Test Track, Toy Story Mania, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and Hollywood Tower of Terror all have 3+ hour lines. Often reaching 5+ hours! If you want to go to the parks to experience the Holiday offerings then plan your trip the week BEFORE Christmas! The parks are not as busy – and you won’t miss a thing!

Why spend the money on park tickets when all you do is wait in lines? Wouldn’t you rather go when you can experience every attraction – and more?

If you’re like us, then you would like to ride your favorite attractions more than once – correct?

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Plan to be at the theme parks during the weekdays. The crowds are pretty light… If you go on the weekends then you will have bigger crowds due to the fact that Florida residents also want to come out and play in the parks.

And, we highly recommend using FASTPASS+. Your entire day will be so much more enjoyable. Plus, who doesn’t want a ‘Magic Band’?

Want another secret? Get to the park of your choice first thing in the morning – or go in the evening two hours before park closing.

With so much to see and do and so little time – it’s important to plan out the time you do have – wisely. So, I hope this helps make your time at Disney your best trip ever – and a little more ‘magical’!

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