This barrier island has become one of Florida’s most popular vacation spots and after you visit, you’ll totally understand why! Millions of visitors, both locals and tourists visit Siesta Key every year creating new memories that will last a lifetime…

Siesta Key has three beautiful beaches to choose from including Siesta Beach (America’s most beautiful beach!)

Did You Know?!?: From 1513 to 1920, Siesta Key was originally named “Sarasota Key”!

Siesta Beach is made famous by its sugar-fine, quartz-white sand… It’s amazing because you can actually walk on the sand and the bottoms of your feet won’t be hot! The other two beaches on the island are not to be missed either, Crescent Beach and Turtle Beach!

FTG TIP: While you’re at the beach, get some exercise and take a nice walk up and down the beach. Trust us, it’s a must do! 

The beautiful thing about Siesta Key is that there’s so much to do on this little island for everyone… 

In fact, Siesta Key is home to some restaurants that are out of this world including Captain Curt’s home to the world’s best clam chowder (Yes it’s that good.) You also have to try Siesta Key Oyster Bar also known as (SKOB). If you’re looking for some amazing food and a great outdoor seating area, then “SKOB” is your place!

If you’re looking for a few great places to stay on Siesta Key then here are our favorites:

One thing you won’t see at Siesta Key is your typical sky rise hotels and condos…. The tallest condo building is only ten floors! Arrive early and stay late, the beach is also the perfect place to go to watch one of Florida’s beautiful sunsets!

FTG TIP: If you’re just wanting to head to one of Siesta Key’s beaches for the day, then arrive early! Traffic is always slow since there are only two roads that connect to the island: Stickney Point Road (72) and Siesta Drive (758). Once you’re on the island the two main roads are Ocean Blvd. (We love that name) and Midnight Pass Road.

Overall the five times we have visited Siesta Key made us fall in love with this place more and more… There’s something different about this place and we can’t wait until you get to experience that as well! Below are some other articles that are highly recommended:

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