Sand is the worst. You were thinking it. We said it. The beach is beautiful, but you may never get that mess cleaned out of your car. So how else can you enjoy the great outdoors before heading back to work? Luckily for you (and the carpet in your car), we did our homework to find a sand-free option that is all outdoors, all adventure, and ALL fun. TreeUmph! Adventure Course is Southwest Florida’s premier aerial obstacle course and is the perfect activity for shaking off a long week at work, celebrating a birthday, or just treating yourself to a day spent off the ground and submerged in nature. Get your blood pumping while swinging on Tarzan ropes, challenge yourself to get through the swinging logs bridge without losing your balance, and sit back to enjoy the views of the beautiful Florida canopy on the park’s many zip lines.

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TreeUmph!, located in Bradenton, has 7 challenge courses ranging from 15 to 60 feet up in the air. There are 100 unique obstacles to tackle, each one more challenging than the last. Work your way through the courses as you venture further from the ground on your way to Summit, the fifth and most extreme course. Only the bravest will make it all the way through to ring the victory bell! You’ll be fitted into a harness and clipped into safety equipment that is held to the highest industry standards, so you can confidently jump off each platform and swing through gravity-defying fun without a care in the world. After completing Summit (or at least trying), finish your day with the 650-foot-long Triumph Zipline. Appropriately named, this giant zip line gives you that one final rush as it brings you back to the ground from your treetop adventure.

Just imagine it. Next Monday morning, would you rather tell your coworkers about how you climbed and soared in the trees, or about how a seagull stole your sandwich after you got a shell stuck in your foot? We’ll let you make that decision.

Visit for more information, book your adventure, and let the breakroom bragging begin! You can even rent a GoPro from the park to bring your adrenaline rush home with you.

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