International Drive will have a new thrill ride opening soon… This will be the tallest and scariest ride in all of Florida! The new ride is called a Starflyer and you’ve probably have seen or ridden one before. Starflyer’s are becoming very popular at regional amusement parks… So why would Orlando build one? That’s simple…

Orlando’s will be the world’s tallest Starflyer when completed! It will stand over 450 feet tall and will give views of the area that you won’t be able to get anywhere else!

Fun Fact: The ride will be 50 feet taller than the Orlando Eye ferris wheel…¬†

The new Starflyer will be a must ride during the day and also at night! If you look close, you might even be able to see Port Canaveral from the top of the tower!

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What’s a Starflyer?

It’s a new version of the popular circular swing ride. Except you will slowly move up and up the giant tower hundreds of feet above the ground! Normal amusement park models stand anywhere from 150-300 feet… So this will be 150 feet taller!

The Starflyer (which will have an official name when announced) will be located at the King’s Plaza, which is where Kings Orlando Bowling Alley and Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show is located.

Construction has already started and the new thrill ride will be open sometime in 2018!

Are you brave enough to ride?

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