We just learned that SeaWorld Orlando is going to add yet another major new ride in 2018! Infinity Falls will feature the world’s longest drop and only vertical lift on a river rapids ride!

Infinity Falls will be located in the back corner of the park where the old Hospitality House was located back when Anheuser-Busch owned the parks. The park has called this section the Sea Gardens over the last few years.

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You’ll climb aboard your raft for a journey down rushing rapids through a lost jungle… The ride will be heavily themed and will be fun for the entire family to ride together. As of now, we don’t know the rides height requirement but let’s hope it’s 42″.

SeaWorld’s Brian Morrow had this to say about Infinity Falls: 

“We are constantly looking at new ways to amaze our guests – Infinity Falls will do that, and more,” said Jim Dean, President of SeaWorld Orlando Parks. “From the excitement of the thrilling rapids to the unique vertical lift element, it will be an adventure that appeals to the entire family. Infinity Falls continues our commitment to investing in our park, and developing new ways to entertain and inspire our guests with meaningful, fun-filled vacations.”
“Water makes up more than 70% of our planet,” said Brian Morrow, Vice President of Theme Park Design Experience. “We developed Infinity Falls to tell new stories that showcase the beauty and sheer power of water and the amazing wildlife that lives in it. The result is a new river rapids adventure for our guests to explore, and actively help freshwater ecosystems in a way that only SeaWorld can bring to life.”

Last year SeaWorld added Mako, a hyper coaster by B&M and is Orlando’s tallest and fastest coaster.

Two years later the park plans to give its guest a new way to cool off in the Florida heat!

Islands of Adventure and Disney’s Animal Kingdom already have similar rides just like Infinity Falls. The good news is, they are all different and every park needs a rapids style ride!
We can’t wait until 2018!

Great job SeaWorld!

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