Universal recently announced that the parks will start adding new themed areas to everyone’s favorite gaming system: Nintendo!

Universal Studios Japan is set to open the first Super Nintendo World in 2020. The area will debut during the opening of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

Here’s the good news for Florida fans, Super Nintendo World will open at Universal Studios Florida a few years after Japan’s opens!

Japan’s promotional video should tell us a lot about what to expect for the US parks!

What We Know So Far…

  • The new land will cost over 600 million to build. Keep in mind, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade cost $260 million!
  • Universal Studios Florida’s version will be even larger than the Japan version!
  • If the concept art is accurate then we can expect Super Nintendo World to have two separate levels! So when the area opens you will be able to explore two levels of fun!


What Type of Rides Can We Expect? 

  • There are already trademarks for a new ride system based off of the popular Mario Kart game! So yes, it appears you’ll be able to hop on your favorite Mario character and race your friends to the finish line! This attraction will be “unlike any the world has ever seen before.”
  • A Donkey Kong mine cart roller coaster is being developed and will be sure to add some thrills along with some hidden tracks that will move to the feel of the video game itself. We can’t wait for this! Does anyone need a banana?


Where At Universal Orlando Will They Build The New Area?

The new area will be built behind the Simpsons Ride and the Kid Zone section of the park. We are fairly certain that the outdated: A day in the Park with Barney and the Curious George Play Area will be getting demolished to make room for the new area.

The new area will be located in the red box below and the entrance should be built where the yellow arrow is.

Super Nintendo World should open sometime between 2021-2023 with Hollywood’s Universal Studios getting their version of the land a few years after Orlando adds theirs!

This is really exciting news for sure! What’re your thoughts on what could become of Super Nintendo World?

Will you make a separate trip just to visit the new land?

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