Florida is home to nine of the world’s best theme parks! All about an hour’s drive from each other… The Tampa Bay area has been home to Busch Gardens since 1965. This park, (about seventy miles away from Orlando) sits on 335 acres and is filled with terrific attractions & exhibits themed around Africa. It also has some of the best ‘white-knuckle’ roller coasters you’ll ever ride!

In 2012, Busch Gardens opened Cheetah Hunt. This roller coaster is unlike anything you have ever ridden before! Cheetah Hunt has not one, not two, but three separate launches! Plus, one inversion! Talk about impressive!

Fun Fact: Cheetah Hunt is the longest launch coaster in Florida at a length of 4,429 feet!

Once you board one of the five, sixteen passenger trains, you’ll begin to move slowly… then ‘launch’ out of the station at speeds of 30mph! As the train leaves the station you will wind through a few turns and then drop into the main launch ‘trench’. You will launch again – but this time – at 60mph!

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Then, you’ll immediately ‘sky-rocket’ 102ft. straight up into the sky – and go through a unique ‘figure 8’ high above the park! (This is one of our favorite parts of Cheetah Hunt because the train is moving fairly slowly at this time and you will get a great view of the park.) However, the slowness won’t last long… because you’ll then drop 130ft. into another trench! From this point on, your train will take you up and over the parks famous Sky Ride attraction, through a ‘Zero-G-Roll’ and into the mid-course breaks…

After slowing down just a little, you’ll drop again and twist in and out of boulders, rocks, and waterfalls! Once you escape this portion of the ride – you’ll enter the third and final launch… This launch is a lot of fun because it takes you directly into an ’airtime filled’ hill! You’ll then journey through more trenches and hills until the train hits the final set of breaks! Talk about an awesome ride!

Fun Fact: Over 5 million people visit Busch Gardens Tampa every year! 

Once Cheetah Hunt opened, Busch Gardens attendance has continued to grow – and is now it’s the main attraction at the park! One of the main reasons why is because it’s the perfect family coaster – anyone over 48” can ride – and it has a great mix of thrills for all ages!

FTG TIP: We recommend trying to sit in the very front row of the train for the best view. (We also really like the back seat!)

Cheetah Hunt Statistics:

  • Length: 4,429 feet
  • Height: 102 feet
  • Drop: 130 feet
  • Inversions: 1- Zero-G-Roll
  • Speed: 60 mph
  • G-Force: 4

Busch Gardens is also home to some of the best animal exhibits in the world, awesome shows, and really fun kid areas… And, with eight world-class roller coasters, including Sheirkra, Cobra’s Curse, Kumba, and Montu – what more could you want?

Take A Ride On Cheetah Hunt:

Be sure to visit Busch Gardens the next time you’re in Florida.

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