Miami is known for: beautiful weather, sky rises, beaches, movies, celebrities and now PIZZA! We love pizza, in fact, we have it at least once a week…

Gone are the days of ordering pizza from Dominos, Papa Johns and Pizza Hut… Why? Because places like the ones listed below taste so much better!

ūüćē¬†Here are our 10 favorite places to eat Pizza in Miami!¬†ūüćē

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Pizzarium – A Slice of Rome

$ – 69 E. Flagler St. | Miami, FL 33173

(305) 381-6025

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FTG TIP: All the fresh ingredients they layer up on their delicious homemade dough make this place a must for all pizza lovers! The best part is, you have three ways to enjoy their pizza: delivery, eat-in and carry out! You will love it! 


Ponte Vecchio Ristorante E Pizzeria

$$ Р2250 Coral Way | Miami, FL 33145

FTG TIP: For only opening a few months ago, this place really knows how to make a great pizza! Our top 3 picks are Meat Lover New York Style, Hawaii Pizza, and their 4 Formaggi Pizza.


Mister 01

$$ Р1000 S Miami Ave.  | Miami, FL 33130

FTG TIP: Ever tried Coffee Pizza? Neither have we until we went here and we had to try their Coffee Paolo pizza! It consists of San Marzano sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola cheese, natural honey, coffee and spicy salami. It is out of this world delicious! 



$$ Р668 NW 5th St. | Miami, FL 33128

FTG TIP: All you need to know about this place is that you have to try their Meat Layered Pizza… Since we ate here, we have been craving it every week! Tons of toppings on their pizza!¬†


Magic City Pizza

$ – 7401 Coral Way | Miami, FL 33155

FTG TIP: Fast and friendly service and of course some amazing pizza! If you love New York style pizza then you need to look into visiting this place. 

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Amor di Pasta

$$ Р536 NW 57th Ave. | Miami, FL 33126

FTG TIP:¬†We just come here for the bread they serve while you wait for your food… Kidding aside, the bread really is that good. The pizza is mouth watering¬†and they also offer all sorts of good food besides pizza…¬†


Pizza Project

$ Р10716 SW 113th PL | Miami, FL 33176

FTG TIP:¬†Everyone in their life needs to try their 786 Specialty Pie. You ask why? Here’s why… Grandmas meatballs, Italian sausage and pepperoni, cooked to perfection!¬†



$$ – 97 NW 25th St. Ste 103 | Miami, FL 33127

FTG TIP:¬†Where to start… they make so many delicious kinds of pizza it’s hard to choose just one… WE really loved their Diavola pizza!¬†


Nicola Brick Oven Kitchen

$$ Р3451 NE 1st Ave. | Miami, FL 33137

FTG TIP: We love pizza if you can’t tell already… We have tried all sorts of different kinds of pizzas but their¬†Asparagus pizza was unlike anything we have ever tried before… Totally amazing!¬†


The Big Cheese Of Miami

$$ – 8080 SW 67th Ave. | Miami, FL 33143

FTG TIP:¬†We love the feel and look at this place when we visit… It has a great 90’s feel to it! As far as the food, the pizza will satisfy your pizza cravings! By the way,¬† you shouldn’t leave here without ordering some garlic rolls!¬†


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