Tired of the cold weather? Looking for a lifestyle change? Here are our Top 20 Reasons Why To Call Florida Home!

Back in February of 2008, I moved down to Orlando from Ohio. I was helping a friend move down and when we left Ohio it was 10 degrees outside! After a long drive down to Orlando, we pulled up at his house and it was 65 degrees out. I then knew that this is the place I wanted to live. Two weeks after I helped him move, I gathered all my belongings and made the move down as well. By far, the best decision I have ever made! If you are looking to move to Florida be sure to check out these great realtors that can help assist you: Florida Realtors

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  1. The Weather – Tired of the snow and cold weather? So were we. Florida is home to the best weather in America.
  2. Hundreds of Miles of Beaches – There are 663 miles of beaches! That’s the same distance between Atlanta and Miami!
  3. Outdoor Activities – What’s better than going hiking, or taking a nice walk around one of Florida’s beautiful parks?
  4. Affordable Housing –  The housing market in Florida is booming right now. This list is the reason why. So when’s your move?
  5. No State Income Tax – Makes life a little easier…
  6. Walt Disney World – You can live close to the ‘happiest place on earth’! (Florida style)
  7. Water Activities – From boating to fishing, you can spend every day on the water and not get tired of it.
  8. Cost of Living – No high electric and gas bills in the winter… Everything is close by and the beach doesn’t charge admission. Plus, a lot of Florida tourist attractions offer a Florida Resident discount.
  9. Universal Orlando Thrill seekers paradise! Awesome rides and amazing events throughout the year!
  10. Key West – Who is craving a piece of Key Lime Pie? Everyone needs to visit the Most Southern Point in the US!
  11. Fresh Seafood – Enjoy eating your favorite seafood just hours after it has been caught in the ocean.
  12. Day Trips – So many great cities to visit, most within a day drive.
  13. Golfing Year Around – Get your clubs ready, Florida is home to more golf courses than anywhere else in the world!
  14. The Culture – So many different types of people and diversity. You will learn so much by making friends with people from different countries that now live in Florida.
  15. SeaWorld & Busch Gardens – Great coasters, awesome shows and some really cool animals!
  16. The Most Haunted City In America – Are you brave enough to visit Saint Augustine?
  17. Publix Subs – Life Changing Experience…
  18. Marine Life – There are not many places where you can swim with dolphins and go snorkeling…
  19. Professional Sports –  Florida is home to three NFL Teams: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Two NBA teams: Orlando Magic and the Miami Heat. Two MLB teams: Miami Marlins and the Tampa Bay Rays and two NHL Team: Florida Panthers and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Plus, Florida hosts a lot of Spring Training for other baseball teams.
  20. The Cuban Sandwich  Everyone needs to try one… Absolutely amazing!

There are hundreds of reasons to want to move to Florida, what’s yours?

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