We’re about a month into 2016, and Florida’s nine major theme parks are finishing their new attractions that are set to debut later this year! Since Florida is the ‘Mecca’ for theme parks, every year the parks’ add new attractions to get people like you and me to pass through their turnstiles… and it works!

In 2016, Central Florida will be the place to be for thrill seekers! Two new massive coasters will be debuting at two of our favorite parks! One is classified as a ‘Hyper Coaster’ and the other is Florida’s first vertical, elevator-style, lift roller coaster!

Let’s start with Florida’s biggest new roller coaster!

Mako at SeaWorld Orlando…


When Mako opens at SeaWorld, it will be the tallest, fastest, longest – and Orlando’s only Hyper Coaster! A Hyper Coaster is a roller coaster that takes you 200ft. into the sky. (Previously Universal Studios, ‘Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit’ was the tallest coaster in the state at 167ft.)

Mako will feature over 10 ‘airtime hills’, a ‘twisty’ drop over the lake in the center of the park – and a track length of over 4,760ft. long! From the top of this monster you will be able to see all 6 of Orlando’s other theme parks! Talk about a view! Mako features 3 trains that will take you and 27 other brave riders along for the three-minute ride.

Seventy miles away at Busch Gardens Tampa, ‘Cobra’s Curse’ is just about finished!

Cobra’s Curse will be a little less thrilling than Mako, but just as much fun! This ride will have a very unique feature… So unique, that it will be the first of its kind when it opens! Cobra’s Curse will feature a vertical, elevator-style, lift hill! No chain necessary!

Once your car gets to the top of the 70ft tower, you’ll be zipping along the track at speeds over 40mph – through twists, and turns, and tunnels! The ride vehicles add an additional fun factor… the cars SPIN! So, as your riding Cobra’s Curse – you will be spinning throughout the 2,100ft. course! This will be sure to create a lot of fun memories!

With Mako and Cobra’s Curse coming – you won’t want to miss a great day at SeaWorld and at Busch Gardens!

Both parks offer some of the best attractions, shows, and exhibits in the world! From being a foot away from the world’s fastest animal – the cheetah – at Busch Gardens Tampa, to sitting in the ‘Splash Zone’ at SeaWorld, you’ll have an amazing time at these great parks!

Plus, we’ll be riding these two coasters as soon as they open… and we’ll save you a seat next to us!