By: Ashley Harnish

From enjoying birthday parties, to planning private events, to hosting Local Art Nights, and reaching out to those looking for a good time in Orlando, DRIP has an artistic way of inspiring each individual. Voted Best Dance Company of 2016 by Orlando Weekly, DRIP is an experience you will not find anywhere else! Founded over 10 years ago by Jessica Mariko, DRIP is a full theatrical love story with dancers performing in paint, flying water and sand backed by a live rock band.



The main concept of the DRIP performance is a love story between the characters Blue, Red and Yellow. Throughout the show, one can see the up’s and down’s we all can relate to in a relationship. Using the elements, the dancers create a world of color that the audience experiences in a standing only warehouse. Orlando Sentinel described the show as, “a primal reflection of the emotions experienced over the course of a doomed relationship.” Emerged in the beauty of the art created on the main floor, the entire audio of the show is a live band on stage, which brings in the feel of attending an actual rock concert.




Once you have stepped into DRIP domain, everything becomes a splash zone! Being a part of the DRIP experience means you should come prepared to be splashed by flying colors if and when the times comes. DRIP offers several activities before the main event starts, including our t-shirt cutting station, the paint station and of course the notorious Color Bar! From the time you enter the venue, it is a paint and color party. “This is an adult playground where you can get paint all over your body and create designs on your clothes,” Yelp reviewer.

Along with the main shows that occur every Friday and Saturday evening, DRIP also hosts events at different times throughout the year. Local Art Night at DRIP is an event that has been taking place on the 4th Thursday of every other month. It is a night for artists to display their work and perform their craft as well. The next Local Art Night will be taking place September 22nd at 7:00pm.


The DRIP venue is also available for rent to host birthday parties and private events. Returning again by popular demand, one of the biggest events of the year for DRIP is the Underground Vampire Bar. This is time for all Vampire lovers and their mortal friends to enjoy the eerie sensation of the vampire bar. Stepping into a world where Vampires can be themselves, sip “Blood” from the Blood Bar, watch dancers enjoy “Blood” baths, take a “Blood” shower, witness human sacrifices, all while enjoying live music, and full theatrical show featuring performances in paint, sand, “blood”, flying water and more.


Stay updated on the latest DRIP news by following them on social media (@ilovedrip)! Dance with the dancers of DRIP every Tuesday evening at 6pm Eastern Time LIVE on Facebook during rehearsal. Visit for all upcoming DRIP events you do not want to miss out on!


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Photo Credits: Carl Jordan