Amid the beautiful, sugar white sand and clear sparkling emerald water is our little known secret Florida getaway.

County Road 30A, Santa Rosa Beach in South Walton County, FL a mere 18 mile stretch of Florida Scenic Hwy. but holds many treasures for the local area and visiting guest.

I remember the first time I came to this area, I walked through the quaint town of Seaside.  Here, I discovered a small town filled with smiling faces, art, nostalgic streamline trailers that serve as food trucks all along the 30A Hwy.  We walked the side streets dotted with wedding cake looking cottages in search of Truman. Of course, The Truman Show was filmed here and we found the very home where it was filmed.  Bicycles, families and even wedding events were happening in this one of kind area.  I always have from that day on associated Seaside, FL as SOHO meets Mayberry!

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County Road 30A is also so much more.  Outdoor activities such as YOLO, beaching, hiking, marathons, movies, concerts, festivals, and even horseback riding is within easy access, almost something for every hobby or adventure.  We boast several wine festivals in our area.  In addition, the annual 30A Songwriters festival is among the nation’s growing event.

Santa Rosa Beach offers a more relaxed, simple lifestyle.  The area here invites everyone to slow down and feel as though this is the getaway you’ve always dreamed of for you and your family.  The communities along County Road 30A such as  Rosemary Beach and Aly’s Beach hold fine dining, shopping in one of a kind stores, charming European town side streets to discover all right along the most beautiful beach stretch in the US.

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Pets?  Oh yes, we love our pets and you will find this area welcomes pets and offers pet-friendly areas and accommodation for your four-legged family member!  Grayton Beach, FL also is a must-see for your 30A Get Away.  Its quirky and one of a kind beach area with locals and guest enjoying not only the Gulf of Mexico clear water but also offers rare and one of a kind coastal dunes. In addition, Grayton Beach State Park is right here, rent a cabin, bring your bathing suits and leave the world behind for a little while!

30A has something for everyone.  But don’t take my word for it, come and discover our secret for yourself!

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