Exciting news ahead… Fun Spot America is adding a brand new roller coaster called Mine Blower to its Kissimmee park!

Mine Blower will be the only looping/inverting wooden roller coaster in Florida when it opens this summer! Yes, you read that correctly, the ride will flip you upside down even though it’s a wooden coaster!

The inversion will be a barrel-roll and will take place right after the rides first drop!

Built by The Gravity Group, Mine Blower will feature steel supports and wooden track and it will be the parks 3rd roller coaster!

This $6 million dollar coaster will reach a top speed of 48 mph and have 11 airtime moments throughout the 2,256 ft of track! Want even crazier news? The ride will have a bank turn that is 115 degrees! ┬áThat’s 15 degrees beyond a vertical 90 degrees!

Can’t wait to ride Mine Blower? Neither can we, so take a moment and watch this awesome POV video of the ride.

When Mine Blower officially opens, it will arguably be the most thrilling coaster in Orlando! Don’t let the size fool you.

In case you didn’t know, Fun Spot America has two locations, one in Orlando and one in Kissimmee. The Orlando park opened the thrilling White Lightning wooden coaster and Freedom Flyer inverted coaster back in 2013! These parks are a must visit while in the area! Free parking and free admission! So you just pay-per-ride! What gets better than that?

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While at Fun Spot riding Mine Blower, be sure to head over to Old Town USA! It’s right next door and it’s the perfect place to go for food, drinks, entertainment and shopping! We highly recommend it!

Old Town USA


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