Here at FTG, we love roller coasters. In fact, we have been on over 250 different coasters! We promise we are not dorks. 🙂

So what are the best roller coasters in Florida? How did we come up with this list? Well, that’s quite simple… We base our ratings on the ride itself first. Then the added effects of theming and interaction.

So sit back, relax and stick your arms in the air because our Top Ten list will take you on a wild thrilling ride!

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10. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

– Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Love going upside down?

Enjoy speeding?

If so, you’ll love the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios!

This ride launches you into complete darkness through three different inversions, twist and turns all while speeding past fun glow in the dark props along the rest of the course.

9. SheiKra

– Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

200ft., 70 mph, 2 vertical drops, and riders sit eight across! Welcome to SheiKra!

This coaster can be seen from all around the park. The lift hill takes you up to the height of 200ft. where you can see all of the Tampa Bay area. But as they say “what goes up, must come down”… The ride vehicle stops as everyone on board looks straight down for a few seconds. Then, the brake releases you and you plummet back to earth in a terrifying way. Sadly, after the first drop, SheiKra lets up and is pretty tame throughout the rest of its course into the final brake run.

8. Expedition Everest

– Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Who said Florida doesn’t have any mountains…

Expedition Everest was built on and inside of a man-made mountain! The ride features one of the best drops on any coaster you’ll ever ride! How often do you get to ride a roller coaster where the first drop goes through a mountain?

FTG TIP: While waiting in line be sure to look around at the theming! The attention to detail is amazing! 


7. The Revenge of the Mummy

– Universal Studios Florida

We can’t get enough of this ride!

This coaster is completely indoors and includes a few surprises along the way! Half ‘Dark Ride’ half coaster, Revenge of the Mummy is awesome! The only coaster in Florida where you go forwards, backwards and it launches!

You’ll love the fire effects!

6. Space Mountain

– The Magic Kingdom

1975 was a great year… Gas only cost 44 cents a gallon, an average cost of a new house was under $40,000…

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom also opened up Space Mountain!

This indoor roller coaster is actually one of the smallest rides in Florida however, riding it will make Space Mountain seem like it’s one of the biggest and fastest! Plus, you’re in the dark the whole ride and there’s so many twists and turns that you won’t have any idea if you’re even on planet earth when you return to the station!


5. Cheetah Hunt

– Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

If there was a ‘perfect’ coaster – Cheetah Hunt would be it. Why? Because Cheetah Hunt offers something for everyone!

From Airtime hills, launches, water features and even an inversion!

This ride is fun for the whole family! What other coasters will you ride that soars over animals below you?

FTG TIP: The front seat is a must on this ride!

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4. The Incredible Hulk

– Islands of Adventure

One of the most intense and twisted roller coasters in the world! The Incredible Hulk is the only coaster in the world where you launch out of a tunnel right into an inversion over a lake! Talk about making a statement! The Incredible Hulk is a great ride from start to the mid-course brake run, after this moment, the last 30 seconds of the ride is pretty mild compared to the rest. This still makes it one of our all-time favorite coasters anywhere!

3. White Lighting

– Fun Spot America

Wait, Fun Spot has the 3rd best coaster in Florida? Absolutely! White Lightning is just plain out FUN! This wooden coaster is actually quite smooth, featuring a great swooping first drop, a 90 degree turn and over a dozen airtime filled moments! The coaster is fun for the whole family! Believe it or not, we’ve actually ridden White Lightning 100 times in one day before! So worth it!

FTG TIP: Fun Spot doesn’t charge you to get into the park! You just pay per ride! 

2. Kumba

– Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

This ride was built in 1993 and features seven different inversions and never lets up from the moment you decent from the 143ft. lift hill. Kumba is so much more than just inversions, in fact, you’ll love the surprise helix at the end of the ride! Throughout the ride, you will go under walkways, through tunnels and interlocking corkscrews!

FTG TIP: Don’t eat anything before you get on the ride.

1. Mako

– SeaWorld Orlando

Florida’s only “Hyper Coaster” (A coaster that goes over 200ft. and filled with airtime hills). This coaster debuted last summer and has been thrilling riders every day since! This white-knuckle thrill ride features one of the best first drops of any coaster in the world! The view you’ll get is priceless! After the first drop, you’re skyrocketed back into the sky for more adrenaline pumping airtime moments with drops and twists galore! A must ride for anyone who enjoys a great roller coaster!

Fun Fact: Mako is Florida’s longest & fastest roller coaster!

How many of our Top Ten Coasters have you been on?

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