1971 was the year the monorail opened at Walt Disney World! It started with two routes and later expanded into three to link Epcot to the Magic Kingdom.

Fast forward to 2017 and it’s now official, Disney will be improving its transportation system! Guess what? It will not be an extension of the monorail either!

Disney recently filed permits for the construction of new gondola system that will service Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Caribbean Beach Resort and the Art of Animation/Pop Century Resort. Sounds like you’ll be able to hop on board the gondola and be transported to one of the nearby resorts and theme parks.

Don’t worry, the gondolas will be enclosed with A/C and should have a capacity of serving over 4,000 people an hour!

What we know so far:

» There will be three separate lines and six different unloading/loading stations.

» Each gondola will hold 10 people

» The transportation system will be built by European manufacturer Doppelmayr.

Overview of the Proposed Layout

Orange Circles = Rides Stations

Teal Lines = Course Path


So why go with a gondola style attraction and not expand the current monorail? This is probably due to cost. Though it will be very interesting to see how they handle Florida’s unpredictable weather and pop up storms since they won’t be able to run the gondola when there’s lightning in the area.

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