People from all over the world visit Key West every singe day. Why? Because it’s one of the best and most amazing places on earth…

Things are different down here on this little island… a sense of relaxation and carefree mindsets make ‘home’ seem like a million miles away… From smelling the delicious aromas from all the restaurants on the famous Duval Street – to partying, fishing, partying, boating, partying, relaxing, partying, and people watching!

This special place offers something special for everyone. And, one of their most original offerings, the Key West Food & Wine Festival kicks-off in a couple weeks… We love unique, imaginative, and locally driven events – and the Key West Food & Wine Festival is one of the best in the nation!

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This year’s annual five-day festival will be held January 27th-31st, and takes place all around the island, featuring dozens of special events!

After visiting Key West for a number of years, we are so excited that we’ll finally be there for this year’s festival! We want to share some of the events we will be attending – perhaps with you!

We can’t wait to attend the “Distill my Heart, Exceed your Imagination” on Thursday January 28th, 7pm-9pm. This event is called “A Cocktail Dinner” and is sponsored by St. George Spirits. This will be one of the most popular events at the festival! And, just take a look at this menu… which items sound best to you?

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Then, on Friday the 29th, our eyes are set on the “Old World Toast to our California Coast” Dinner!

Located at the ‘Garden House’, this tour is of an old California vineyard through the ‘eyes’ of some of the great varietals of Europe! This amazing event is definitely for the wine lovers of the world, and will be remembered for many years to come! Just take a look at this menu…



It’s hard to think about Key West without thinking about Ernest Hemingway… And, with that in mind, on Saturday, January 30th, “Death In The Afternoon” awaits you at Flagler’s Bar at the Casa Marina! This fun, two-hour event offers a variety of tastings of the famous ‘AvSINthe’. Part of the history of this famed and mystical green liquid is the fact that it was Hemingway’s most dangerous (and enjoyable) ‘drink-death’ in the afternoon! So, become one with history and don’t miss this event – whether you’re a Hemingway fan – or not!

As the sun falls on the beautiful island, doesn’t mean the fun has to stop!

On Saturday night the party is just getting started… The ‘BURLeSQUe, BARoLo & BRûLéE’ will fill your night with fine wine, craft cocktails, desserts and glamorous girls! This 1920’s Art Deco inspired Burlesque show is the perfect way to end the evening and this festival!

In short, this years Key West Food & Wine Festival truly offers something for everyone! While we can only give a ‘taste and a sampling’ of what you can experience – keep in mind there are over 40 different events throughout the weekend! Soon, we’ll be packing our bags for a weekend in paradise and the Key West Food & Wine Festival! We hope to see you there!

Key West Food & Wine Website

Key West Food & Wine Event Lineup

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Wednesday Jan 27 – Saturday Jan 30, 2016

  • KWfoodwineFest Hospitality Suite 10-3 Daily, Flagler’s Bar at The Casa Marina

Wednesday Jan 27

  • Be Naughty, Drink Saintly Cocktail Class, 3-5, The Saint Hotel’s Pilar Bar
  • 92 Points in the Shade 3-5, Grand Vin Wine Bar
  • Girls Night Out, presents “0” 5-7, La Concha Hotel and Spa, Wine O
  • Bahama Village “Neighborhood Strolls” 5-8, Start at The Casa Marina
  • Historic Seaport “Neighborhood Strolls” 5-8, Start at The Casa Marina

Thursday Jan 28

  • “Curds, Whey and Wine” 12-2, The Casa Marina, A Waldorf Astoria
  • “Distill IT, they will come” 2-3, Spencer’s By The Sea
  • Haunted Happy Hour Saloon Stroll 5-7, Kelly’s Caribbean Bar
  • Henry Flagler’s Welcome Party 5-7, The Casa Marina, A Waldorf Astoria
  • “Distill my Heart, Exceed your Imagination” 7-9, Spencer’s By The Sea, The Reach Resort
  • “Bites on the Bight” 7-9, The Key West Yacht Club

Friday Jan 29

  • Farm-to-Table It’s Willamette, Damnit!! Brunch 10:30-12, Hyatt Key West Resort & Spa
  • “Whiskey Bazaar” ~Doubler~ 12-4, Flagler’s Bar at The Casa Marina
  • Key West Kitchen Tour 2016 2-4, Start at The Casa Marina    SOLD OUT
  • “To Have and Have Another” 3-5, Flagler’s Bar at The Casa Marina
  • VIP~Sunset on the Harbor~Grand Tasting, Marquesa Room 4:30 – 6, Hyatt Key West Resort & Spa
  • Sunset on the Harbor~Grand Tasting~Dockside on the Beach 5-7, Hyatt Key West Resort & Spa
  • “Taco Local” at Shrimp Road Bar & Grill 6-8, Shrimp Road Bar & Grill
  • “Old World Toast to our California Coast” Dinner 7-9, The Marker A Waterfront Resort
  • “Whiskey Bazaar”~Batch 001 Bash~ 8-10, Flagler’s Bar at The Casa Marina

Saturday Jan 30

  • “BACON & BUBBLY” Brunch 10:30-12, Hyatt Key West Resort & Spa
  • Southernmost Scavenger Hunt 11:30am – 2:30, Conch Republic Seafood
  • Cool Climate Varietals: Wine Seminar 12:30-1, The Garden House SOLD OUT
  • “Sip and Stroll” off the beaten path 12-4, Caroline Street/Greene StreetSOLD OUT
  • “Whiskey Bazaar” ~Doubler~ 12-2, Flagler’s Bar at The Casa Marina
  • Shrimp Boil presented by Hogfish Bar & Grill 12-2, Hog Fish Bar and Grill
  • “BACON & BUBBLY” Brunch 12-1:30, Hyatt Key West Resort & Spa
  • “DEATH IN THE AFTERNOON” Absinthe 2-4, The Casa Marina
  • “Whiskey Bazaar” ~The Science of Brown Water~ 2-4, Flagler’s Bar at The Casa Marina
  • “Duval Uncorked” UnDone 3-6, World Famous Duval Street
  • Blue Mojito ~ Rum, Rhythm, and Rumba 5-7, Hyatt Key West Resort & Spa
  • jus sur l’eau ~ french wine dinner 7-9, Hyatt Key West Resort & Spa
  • BuRLeSQUe, BARoLo & BRûLéE 7-10, tba
  • “WAHOO” Beer Dinner 7-9, Southernmost Beach Cafe

Sunday Jan 31

  • “BLOODY 3 Way” Bloody Mary Brunch 10-1, Hyatt Key West Resort & Spa

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