Every year, Florida theme parks have events that cater to all types of crowds – with Universal Orlando having some of the best annual events around…

From the immersive Halloween Horror Nights to Grinchmas, Universal does a tremendous job transforming the parks into these spectacular seasonal events! And, their Mardi Gras event is one of the most fun events we have ever experienced!

Mardi Gras starts at 5pm every night… and their French Quarter is where you’ll want to be – if you want to experience the real feel of the Big Easy!

Just try to resist the temptation of trying every food item that’s on the menu! Trust us; every item is as delicious as it looks! From spicy Jambalaya to Shrimp Gumbo, you can’t experience Mardi Gras without eating the food from world-famous New Orleans! Plus, relax as you indulge in food and drink, while listening to the sounds of authentic Zydeco bands – straight from New Orleans!

This part of the event alone is worth it…


As it gets darker, even more fun begins, with the Mardi Gras parade! The parade starts every night at 7:45pm and is filled with a dozen huge, and very detailed, floats – so get your camera ready! These aren’t your ordinary floats… these floats have employees on them throwing out beads to the crowds! So keep your hands in the air because the beads come flying in!

Each night after the parade, you’ll want to head over to the Music Plaza Stage for that night’s free live concert!

Take a look at the lineup below!

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We have been to dozens of concerts, and the concerts at Universal are top notch… and the musical acts are on stage anywhere from forty-five minutes to over an hour!


Here are a few tips for you while visiting this great event.

If you want to get a great view of the parade – and see the concert – then stand right in front of the Despicable Me attraction, about forty-five minutes before the start of the parade. Be sure to stand on the side of the street so you are facing the Shrek 3-D attraction. As soon as the last float passes, gather up your beads and head right to the Music Plaza Stage. You’ll find a place to stand with a view of the stage if you move quickly!

Or, if you just want to go for the food, the drinks and the concert – then we recommend getting to the Music Plaza Stage at least ninety minutes before the concert starts.

But, if you just wanted to go for the food and the parade – then we recommend getting a spot in the Hollywood section of the park. Arrive at least thirty-minutes before the parade starts. This will allow you the best viewing area for the parade and the least crowded as well!

We hope this helps your Mardi Gras trip planning! We have worked in the Universal Parks for years – so we know the best of the best places to go!

Please visit Universal Orlando’s website here.