Over the years when you heard of Port Canaveral – most would think cruise ships. This is because the port is one of the busiest in the country and located about a mile off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. If you have ever been to Cocoa Beach you would of seen the huge cruise ships coming in and out of the port.
Well in the next few years the whole area between the cruise terminal and the Exploration Tower will be changed forever! The area will be known as the Cove and feature restaurants, hotels, retail stores, entertainment and more! The whole goal of the new area is to get people to spend the whole day at the Cove.
Ever been to Universals Citywalk or Downtown Disney? This will be a miniature version of that. Which is awesome since you are so close to the ocean!
Officials expect it to draw tourist from Central Florida. However, the only way I see someone driving forty-five minutes to go to a smaller version of Downtown Disney is if they spend part of the day at the beach. 
I must say this will be a great spot to go for the locals.
The Cocoa Beach area will definitely benefit by the Cove! We look forward in hearing more about it! I would love to see an outdoor music venue right on the water… now that would draw me from Central Florida to come check out the Cove!