On average sixty million people visit Central Florida each year. That is more people visiting here than anywhere else in America! People just like you visit for many reasons like our nine world-class theme parks, six world-class water parks, shopping, beaches and not to mention the beautiful weather.
When you plan your trip to the area everyone’s goal is normally to find somewhere to stay that’s clean, nice and affordable.
When visiting Orlando most people will spend an average of $125 a night on a small 400sq ft. hotel room. If you are like us and have a family and a puppy – this means there isn’t enough room for your whole family to really enjoy their vacation.
So lets break down what you get for your money… two beds, one shower, no kitchen, one TV, one small closet, no refrigerator and other rooms located all around you, meaning no privacy or room to stretch out.
So instead of getting an overpriced hotel room why not find something with more space that’ll cost just as much if not cheaper?


We have always rented hotel rooms but since our stay with Affordable Vacation Properties we may never stay in a hotel again. We stayed in a four-bedroom house with a private pool located exactly nine minutes to Mickey’s front door! Our fully furnished house had a hot tub and more than one shower!
What we loved was that we never had to worry about people being really loud in the room next to us, which was a huge relief. The best part of the whole process was that we didn’t have to check in at a front desk!
Affordable Vacation Properties has a very friendly staff that helped us tremendously. They are locals so they know the “inside” secrets of what to do, eat and see. Being a family-owned company has many benefits and when it comes to vacation homes for your family – they know how to deliver.
When we arrived to our house we instantly became very excited! The kids spent more time in the pool than on roller coasters. And active kids mean tired kids so they slept great every night and so did we!
The kitchen was the money saver of the trip. When you stay in a hotel room you always have to go out to eat. Spending easily $100 per day if not more with a family to feed. By having a full-equipped kitchen in our house we were able to eat in a few times during our stay, which obviously saved us a lot of money.



Most vacation home companies wont spend the time to help you find what best suites you and your family. Here at Affordable Vacation Properties they will do just that. They offered real recommendations to us based on our needs and wants, which really made our trip amazing.
For now on when we visit Orlando we will be staying in a vacation home that is for sure. You can’t beat the value, location and memories created… So next time you come to Central Florida – check out Affordable Vacation Properties!
Be sure to take a look at their website and Listing on our page.