We all love to go out to eat, stay at a nice hotel and go to the bar to get your favorite drink. You should always tip those who provide exceptional guest service.

Tipping is a must especially in a restaurant in which you are getting waited on. Waiters and waitresses don’t make much off of their base pay – so they really need to make their income off of their tips.

Now we have all probably had a bad experienced at a restaurant where the service wasn’t very good. Does this mean that you don’t leave a tip at all? No…, in fact, you should always leave something…

Overall tipping is very simple: If the service isn’t very good then don’t leave as much… If the service is great then leave more.

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Here are some tips for tipping while on vacation. 

If you are staying at a nice hotel or resort and you have bellhops, doormen and or valet parking then you should tip them $2-$3 if they personally help you.

Dropping off luggage or a coat off then we would recommend $1 per coat or bag.

Satisfied with your room’s cleanliness?  Then would suggest leaving $3-5 for the housekeeper for doing a great job!

Does your hotel have a concierge staff? Did they help you make a reservation? Or they gave you a great recommendation then we would recommend leaving $5. 

If you were dining out then we would recommend tipping at least 15%-20% of the total bill before taxes. This, of course, is including alcohol, even an expensive bottle of wine. 

Bartenders should be left with a 15%-20% of the total bill. Leave at least $1 for each beer or wine that you order and $2 for mixed drinks.

If you tip someone – 100% of the time that person will be more willing to help you out even more! The service will just get better for you the more you tip!

We hope this Tipping Guide helps! Remember everyone has bad days and good days! Tipping is a way of saying thanks!

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