We all look forward to our precious vacation time, and accommodation can make or break a stay. Many visitors automatically think hotel, but a vacation home is often a much better option. There are so many advantages to choosing a rental home for your Orlando trip, but here’s our Top 10 Reasons a home beats a hotel any day.

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#1 You’ll Save Big Bucks In A Vacation Home

When the cost of a home is split between families, savings can be enormous. Even for a small family of just 2 adults and 2 children, it’s usually more cost effective to rent a home than 2 hotel rooms. And those hotel fees! How many times have you arrived to a hotel and discovered extra fees? Daily resort fee, internet fee, parking fee, DVD rental fee. All these extra fees soon add a pretty hefty price tag to your bill.

The cost of your vacation home is paid prior to arrival and there are no hidden fees when you arrive. Food is one of the biggest expenses of any vacation. Having a kitchen in your vacation home can make a saving of hundreds of dollars on restaurant food.


#2 You Get Space & Privacy In A Vacation Rental

Hotels can be noisy and crowded and you have to share the space with strangers. If you want to meet up with others traveling with you, you have to work around hotel operating hours.

In a vacation home, it’s your space, your rules, your times. The central living area will give you plenty of space to hang out together. When you want to grab a little downtime, head to your own private retreat.


#3 A Vacation Rental Gives You All Your Creature Comforts

You’ll get all the comforts of home because you’re renting an actual home. You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips and a whole lot more. Many vacation homeowners will provide as much as they possibly can to make your stay as perfect as possible. All the little luxuries and finishing touches that can make a stay so special.

#4 It’s so much Easier To Travel with Kids & Multi-generations

There’s nothing worse than being crammed in a hotel room with the kids, trying to keep quiet while they sleep. In a vacation home, you all have your own bedrooms, so grown-ups can relax in the living areas while the kids are fast asleep in their bedrooms. Catch a late night movie, snuggle up with a glass of wine and enjoy the peace and quiet.

It’s perfect for multi-generational groups too – Pop Pop can sneak a snooze whenever he wants. And Grandma might love baking cookies for the family!

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#5 You Won’t Have a Laundry Pile When You Get Home

Washing machines and dryers are pretty standard in vacation homes in Orlando. You can pack less and save on luggage fees by laundering as you go along. Imagine arriving home with a suitcase full of clean clothes!


#6 You Won’t Need To Pack As Much

Vacation homes can be a godsend when traveling with kids. Many homes provide lots of amenities for little guests, such as strollers, high chairs and cribs. Always check with your vacation home owner what they have before you pack. Some homes provide so much, all you need to take is your clothes and a smile! Vacation homes in Orlando come fully stocked with freshly laundered linens. And you won’t have to bulk out your luggage with towels any more, there will be plenty provided.

#7 Vacation Rentals Are Great For Diets & Healthy Eating

We all know a big part of vacationing is discovering local gems and dining on delicious treats. We all love it, but maybe not for every meal, every single day. Vacation homes give you the choice – eat in, eat out. Stay home and cook, call for a delivery. You can even hire a private chef! Most kitchens are fully stocked with all you need for a snack attack or whipping up a family feast. Kitchens generally come with dishwasher, stove, microwave and fridge freezer. Many homes go even further and provide you with basic groceries and condiments. It also means if you have kids traveling with you, you can keep the sugar-load and unhealthy theme park meals to a minimum. Or make snacks to take with you to the parks – stay healthy and save money!

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#8 You Don’t Have To Worry Too Much About Noise

Ever turned the TV down low in a hotel room so you don’t disturb those next door? Or wanted to crawl away when the kids have a screaming tantrum that the whole floor can hear? No worries in a vacation home! Single family homes mean you can make as much noise as you like without worrying about who can hear through cardboard thin walls. The only people you’ll disturb is you!


#9 You’ll Get Insider Tips And Local Knowledge

Most vacation home owners know their areas inside out and want their guests to make the most of every minute. Many have in-depth insider guides, local haunts and hidden gems. It’s kind of like having your own personal trip advisor on call!

#10 Endless Amenities & Unique Features

Many Orlando vacation homes have unique themed bedrooms. The kids will love sleeping in a Harry Potter theme room, or a room splashed with Disney, Frozen, Nemo, Star Wars and countless other favorites. Many homes have private pools and hot tubs, some have community facilities such as tennis courts and community pools. WiFi? Most homes provide complimentary high speed WiFi. Some will even have PCs and printers. You might find a game room, toys and books. Flat screen TVs and lots of movies. You really get the best of both worlds with a vacation rental!


So What’s the Trade-Off?

Not much!

  • No Daily Maid Service: A service that is not standard in vacation homes, but many homes can offer it for an additional fee so always ask.
  • No Room Service: Most owners will have details of vacation chefs who will work with you if you want meals prepared for you. There will be plenty of restaurants locally that will deliver too.
  • No Concierge: Not a personal one on site, but your vacation homeowner is usually on hand to help with anything you need.
  • Minimum Stay: Yes, this is one to note. Not many homes will open up for single nights, many have 3 night minimums.
  • No Common Space for Kids to Play: If your kids like meeting other kids, they might miss this. But, many vacation homes are on resorts with community facilities and most vacation homes provide game rooms, board games and a whole range of things for kids to play with.


So what are you waiting for? Click here to book your vacation rental home today and discover the difference!

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