When you search for the best places to stay in Key West, many people don’t want to stay in a regular ‘corporate’ feeling chain hotel – so they look for a ‘Bed & Breakfast’ – which there are many in Key West to choose from…

With a B&B, you have all the comforts of your own home. Plus, you can wake up to a home-cooked breakfast without anyone in your party lifting a finger… to make it or to clean up!

And, as you know or can imagine, Key West is surrounded by some of the most beautiful water in the world.

So, why not do more than just stay on the island? Get out on the water! And we’re not talking about a large chartered boat where there are seemingly more people on the boat than fish in the water…

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Our recent trip to Key West included the Tortuga Sailing Adventure… It was everything we expected it would be, and more! We saw an amazing sunset, dolphins and other fish we’ve never seen before, and most importantly, made memories that will last a lifetime!

So, now that we have you wanting to stay at one of the many Bed & Breakfast’s in Key West – and – taking a trip out on the beautiful waters… Why not do both at the same time?

Tortuga Sailing Adventure has you covered with their new, incredible: Bed, Breakfast and Beyond Adventure. This unique and totally private Key West Bed & Breakfast option will give you (and your small group) what it deserves… A fantastic time!

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During your adventure, you’ll get to sleep aboard a crewed, catamaran yacht at the dock, wake up to a delicious breakfast, then go out on the crystal blue water for your own exclusive 2-3 hour morning sail! How good and relaxing does that sound? Just wait, it gets better…

While out at sea, you’ll have a choice of sparkling beverages and tasty light snacks that will suit anyone’s taste buds!

Their vessel features amenities like you would find at a 5-Star hotel! Amazing views, hot water, showers, comfortable beds, a/c and, did we mention amazing views? You are truly staying in style.

This experience is perfect for a special occasion – or no occasion at all!

Plus, the crew at Tortuga Sailing Adventure is top notch and very friendly! They truly know their way around… Not only the water but around the island as well! So, if you need a good recommendation for a place to eat or shop, just ask. They will be glad to point you in the right direction…


Tortuga Sailing Adventure offers a lot more than the Bed, Breakfast and Beyond Adventure. Check out their website to view additional adventures. But, do yourself a favor – and book one!

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