It’s that time a year again when theme parks start charging more for admission…

Universal Orlando has raised their prices for their annual passes as well as adding a new seasonal pass for guest to choose from.

Universal Orlando now offers four types of passes to choose from!  

  • NEW Seasonal Pass: $284.99
  • Power Pass – $344.99
  • Preferred Pass – $384.99
  • Premier Pass – $539.99

Note: There are no blackout dates for the Preferred or Premier Pass. Both of these passes will include discounts and free parking! 

The Power Pass now has a parking discount. 50% off of parking.

Blackout dates for the new Seasonal Pass and Power Pass include: Christmas, Spring Break and the busy summer months.

Check out the complete details on the Universal Orlando annual pass website here.

How much are you willing to pay for Annual Pass for one of Florida’s theme parks?