Fun Spot America opened Mine Blower on Friday, June 22nd at their Kissimmee location and you have to watch this video to see just how crazy this ride really is! The wooden roller coaster hauls through its compact course. The highlight of the new coaster is the 360 barrel roll…

Wait, a wooden coaster can go upside down? Yes, it can! Take a POV ride on Mine Blower today! Our friends at Theme Park Review was at the opening and filmed the video!

Mine Blower Stat Sheet

The ride is awesome! The first drop is very steep and the 360 barrel roll gives a unique floating sensation. Mine Blower is filled with tons of airtime, sharp turns and most importantly, it’s very smooth!

Do yourself a favor and go ride Mine Blower the next time you’re in Orlando! One of the best coasters in Florida! Well done Fun Spot!

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