Size/Age: Tiger Sharks can grow to be over 18 feet in length! That’s half the size of a telephone pole! With the shark being that large any guesses on how much it weighs? 

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The Tiger Shark matures between 7-10 years of age. Usually when they are about 10 feet in length. This specific species of shark will usually live 16+ years.

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Did You Know?!?: The Tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) gets its name from the dark stripes on its body that fades with age. These guys usually hang out all around Florida, in the Gulf and the Atlantic. 


Reproduction: These sharks will reproduce in huge numbers. Usually, a litter will contain anywhere from 10-80 babies. Of course, not all will make it… but the ones that will are an average of 27-34 inches long! Late summer is usually when they give birth.


Feeding: If you’re like us, then you love to eat a delicious meal… Tiger Sharks also love to eat… In fact, they will eat just about anything. Their meals can contain the following: fish, sea turtles, birds, other sharks, rays, conchs, crabs and more! I guess a Tiger Shark and humans do have something in common… we both like fish!

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Habitat: Very popular in Florida. Usually, when you hear about an attack on a human it’s a Tiger Shark. They live along the coast in tropical and warm waters. They can also be found in river mouths, shallow bays and deep in the ocean.

A Tiger Shark can weigh up to 2,000 pounds!

FTG TIP: While out in the ocean swimming, always be careful of your surroundings… Tiger Sharks are more active in the evenings… 

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